Tips of the Trade / CHEAT SHEET!!

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Here is my list of “Do’s” and “Not-to-Do’s” before your wedding or special event ||

Get that Glow |

// Skin-care Regime – It doesn’t have to be high end products (although the better the product, the more results you’ll get), but if that’s not in the budget any type of skin-care program is better than none.

// Facials – They are not just for relaxation, although they really are fabulous! Facials, from the right place, can help clear up, smooth out, or even-tone your skin dramatically if done regularly. Add on Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peels every so often and you will fall in love with the smooth texture of your skin!

// Exfoliation – If done regularly (1-3 times) a week, depending on the intensity of the product, can help keep build-up away, prevent breakouts, and give an even tone and smooth texture to your skin.

// Water intake – Yes, I’m going there. Ever get dry, de-hydrated skin? Then up your water intake. It’s recommended to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water for optimal health, and your skin needs that hydration as well.

// Break outs – If you break out within the week of your wedding, don’t stress, that could make it worse. Try using a salycilic acid blemish pencil/stick to treat it. Also, locate a spa that uses High Frequency { an electrode treatment that kills bacteria in the skin} and set up an appointment, I can give recommendations for spas I know of in Asheville as well.

Tips of what not to do just before your wedding day |

// Facials – Although they are wonderful, don’t receive one within 7 days of your wedding day. Just in case you have some type of reaction to a product or impurities are drawn out and up to the surface.

// Waxing – Waxing is known to cause irritation on treated areas. I’ve been waxing people for years and its rare to have a client not react. To be on the safe side, set your waxing appointment up for 7-10 days before the wedding.

// Products – Try not to use a new product on your skin within 7 days of your wedding. You just never know if you could have a reaction to one of the ingredients in the new product.


Tried & True Product Lines ||

Here are my recommendations for products I have personally used. In my years of aesthetic work in Health, Classic, and Medical spas I have used close to 20 different lines. Now after using all of these lines, I do prefer using natural, safe, and clean products on my own skin. I’m currently only using Arbonne skincare for personal use. If you have an interest in talking with me about an Arbonne skincare routine I can recommend for you, I would love to set up a complimentary consult with you!

My personal favorite |

// Arbonne (


Medical Grade |

// Revisions

// Esthetic Skin Institute

// Obagi {organic}


Spa Grade |

// Pevonia {organic}

// Glo Therapeutics

// Aveda {natural}

// M’lis {organic}


Department Store Grade |

// Origins

// Bobbi Brown

// MAC Cosmetics


Drug Store Grade |

// Burts Bees

// Aveeno


Make-up Brand Love |

// glo minerals {my all time favorite for everyday use, bonus, I also sell this line}

// Arbonne (

// MAC Cosmetics

// Bobbi Brown

// Urban Decay

// Temptu {airbrush}